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Is the Electric Guard Dog Sales Team Right for Me?

As part of our exponentially growing, well-funded and stable company, you can advance your sales career faster and further than you thought possible. A great sales opportunity awaits you here at Electric Guard Dog, but first you must decide if it is the right fit for you.

‘Hunter’ Mentality

Do you have a ‘hunter’ sales mentality with outstanding cold-calling, prospecting and closing skills to raise awareness of our solution and bring in new business quickly? You will make 10 outside calls per day and be expected to close 6% of your leads. Thriving in a cold-calling and prospecting environment is absolutely critical.

Tech Savvy

Are you technically savvy and willing to leverage technology to maximize your performance?

From Saleforce CRM to Concur expense reporting and our HR portal — technology is a huge part of everyday life at Electric Guard Dog. We provide you with all the best tools and technology, and you must have the aptitude to excel in an online environment to be productive.

Confidence to Take Action

Do you have the confidence to seize the moment and confront opposition in order to quickly and effectively close sales? Are you willing to cold-call and walk around in industrial areas? If not, this may not be the right place for you.

Willingness to Follow Our Process

We have a proven method to virtually guarantee your success here if you are willing to blaze new trails and are humble enough to follow our tried-and-true sales process.

Desire to be Part of a Team

We are fortunate to have high-quality people who go above and beyond to serve our customers.

If you have the desire to work as a part of a team to help companies protect their bottom line, this may be the right fit for you.

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